Droplet is a puzzle game where you must manipulate droplets onto targets by carefully using provided patterns in each level.

This game contains 42 levels, and new mechanics and droplet types are introduced at a regular pace.

Progress is saved automatically, and a level select is available from the pause menu (p).


You will need a mouse and mouse wheel to play this game.

  • Move cursor: Mouse
  • Select/apply pattern: Left click
  • Select/activate special piece: Left click
  • Rotate pattern: Mouse wheel
  • Flip pattern: X or Middle click (or use the UI button)
  • Undo: Z (or use the UI button)

Pause/Select level: P

In the pause menu, you can:

  • Return to level select
  • Change the function of the DPAD: (none, change level, or spin pattern)
  • Change the sensitivity of the mouse scroll for spinning patterns
  • Delete save file


This game was inspired by the mechanics of Tash Kalar by Vlaada Chvátil.

This game has no music but I listened to a lot of Capsule, and the Tetrobot soundtrack while making it.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8

Development log


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Really cool! Love the gameboy aesthetic 😍


Got it finally.  Thanks for the hints.  I already knew the first 2, and figured 3 too, but was using the one piece incorrectly.  

I got all of them except the last one, Full House.  Any hints for that last one?  Great game. 


Glad you enjoyed it!

Here's some progressive hints for Full House in Rot-13:

HINT 1: Gur zbfg nzbhag bs cvrprf lbh pna perngr ba gur bhgfvqr evat vf 9. Jvgu gur cnggrea gung erzbirf n cvrpr - lbh pna thrff gung rirel cvrpr rkprcg bar unf gb raq hc ba n tbny.

HINT 2: Gur Yvar cvrpr zhfg or hfrq gb perngr sbhe qebcyrgf, naq gur Pybar cvrpr zhfg or hfrq gb pbcl guerr cvrprf.

HINT 3: Bapr lbh unir cvrprf ba gur obggbz yrsg guerr tbnyf, gur Pybar cvrpr jvyy or hfrq gb pbcl gurz gb gur gbc evtug.

i can't solve level 4

The first few levels are fun! I'm finding the mouse wheel for spinning way too sensitive though, to the point where it's basically unplayable. Maybe switch it to another button (e.g. Y)?


Thanks for the feedback!

I had just about enough wiggle room in the pico-8 cart to add two new options to the menu (p):

  • Press left and right on the DPAD option to switch what the arrow keys do - they can either switch level, or now they can also spin the held piece.
  • Increase or decrease the mouse SPIN DELAY by pressing left or right when hovering over this option.

Hope these help!

MUCH better, thanks!

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Cool concept! Reminds me of Minos Strategos

Thanks! Just looked it up and can see it was also inspired by Tash-Kalar, will definitely check it out!


A cute and satisfying set of mechanics, as usual from your games! :) I like how the mechanics synergize - creating, destroying, moving, and the minesweeper numbers.

I enjoyed reading your Pre-mortem. (And I recommend others skim it, if you're interested!) I think I understand what you mean with the awkwardness of the mechanics and with some of the puzzles. But from my perspective, it seems like you did a great job working with the mechanics you had, and making puzzles with constraints that are inviting to reason about (though still difficult to reason about! and sometimes trial-and-error-y as you mention). I'm glad you decided to wrap it up and publish it. :)