Small sokoban-style puzzler made for Bedtime Jam.

You have appeared in layer 1! Make it off the top of the screen to make it to layer 0!

Move with the arrow keys. Restart with the 'x' key. 

I will try to add an undo function! Sorry!


Inspired by:


自主制作アニメーション『the TV show』


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Very clever! I liked that it's not too obvious at first what you're trying to do, but it fell into place for me once I realised it.

soo solid! also, i love 『the TV show』 so much

Do you even have a PICO-8 BBS account juner!? This is awesome!


The only thing I didn't like about it, is I felt like there was only 1 solution, and if you messed up you had to restart.. But the concept is really good.

This is a great idea. Why is it not on the PICO-8 BBS??

Wanted to comment once I solved it, but daaamn this is tedious! I love it. Great idea, and remarkable level-design.

Very interesting idea! I would like to see more of this.