Small sokoban-style puzzler made for Bedtime Jam.

You have appeared in layer 1! Make it off the top of the screen to make it to layer 0!

Move with the arrow keys. Restart with the 'x' key. 

I will try to add an undo function! Sorry!


Quick 2021 info update:

I never continued work on Sokosoko after this jam but if you enjoyed this, please check out these two upcoming releases which explore a similar concept!:

Inbox Unbox by Pancelor
Patrick's Parabox by Patrickgh3

I'm hugely excited for the release of both of these, they're both mechanically distinct and this leads to fascinating divergent and clever level design. Looking forward to seeing more!


Inspired by:


自主制作アニメーション『the TV show』

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsblock-pusher, recursion, Sokoban


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Very good game !! I love the mechanics and the graphics.

Is there a chance that you would send me the code, I am new to game developpement and I would try to understand how this game work. Here is my discord if you want to contact me _TwiZz_#0040.

fun game. Interesting to see how different games explored the same type of idea.

i cant solve it


Recursed inspired this, and this inspires Patrick's Parabox. It's like a wonderful chain of inspiration!

As if this structure (Game dev shapes the game; the game shapes the players; players become game devs) in inherently recursive!

This is a lot like the Steam game Patrick's Parabox!


Yeah, I've been excited for Patrick's Parabox for a while and really loved the demo!

Be sure to checkout the excellent Inbox Unbox by Pancelor too which also has a steam demo right now.

Really happy this concept is being explored in more depth by other people, both the above take the mechanics in different directions and it leads to some wonderful divergent level design!


I reached layer 99

Great puzzle! I really had fun with the concept, my favourite part was when I solved the puzzle, then decided to go down a whole ton of levels and broke the layer counter, that was pretty funny. Also, I managed to softlock myself in layer 11 in the green layer that was inside the blue layer, which was pretty fun.


Here's a fun thing you can do! Once the red level is pushed out of the way, you can go an infinite number of layers down!


Also: If you push the green level into the blue level some amount of layers down, layer 1 becomes a different level!

Just saw your comment. I reached layer 99 (screenshot above)

Very clever! I liked that it's not too obvious at first what you're trying to do, but it fell into place for me once I realised it.


soo solid! also, i love 『the TV show』 so much

Do you even have a PICO-8 BBS account juner!? This is awesome!


The only thing I didn't like about it, is I felt like there was only 1 solution, and if you messed up you had to restart.. But the concept is really good.

This is a great idea. Why is it not on the PICO-8 BBS??

Wanted to comment once I solved it, but daaamn this is tedious! I love it. Great idea, and remarkable level-design.

Very interesting idea! I would like to see more of this.