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I also really liked this one! again a neat mechanic well & swiftly explored :D

A Clever game, for sure

a game with a lot of potential

a game with a lot of potential

Great job! You really have to make a full game out of it. Really enjoyed playing it, 

hello. i love your game. are there any plans for a fully-fledged version? maybe even mobile?

thanks for any news from you. i just want more.


Thank you for the kind words!

I'm keen to make a full version, though I have been struggling with a lack of confidence that i can make the game expanded and varied enough to not become repetitive. But seeing people enjoy the game as it is is reassuring, and maybe i'm just being too hard on myself and should get to work!


you're too hard on yourself. go take a look on what's being released on the appstore. a lot of people love bite sized puzzles to return to everyday for a couple of minutes.

plus you have a good mechanic here, you can definitely build up on it and not limit yourself during development.

best of luck!

Oh God! what an incredible little game, I'm in love with it. when I first saw it, my mind exploded, my reaction was "that was clever".
It is simple but very effective. Even if I'm suspect because I love puzzles and that's a really good one, nice level design!