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Find your way through each level along a path of geometric shapes!

You leave an inpassable trail on the shapes wherever you walk, so be careful where you tread.

But also keep an eye on what is ahead! A trail will remain on a shape wherever that shape may appear! If you're not careful, you could block your own path!



- Arrow Keys: Move

-"Pico-8 O" button: Undo (Z on most keyboards)

-"Pico-8 X" button + Arrow Keys: Move camera (X on most keyboards)



I have attempted to match the "Dual Purpose" theme in the following ways:

-  Moving also leaves behind a trail that you cannot pass through.

- The trails will not just appear in the distinct puzzle you are in, but also any puzzle where the corresponding shape appears

- Later on, the trails will also conduct electricity to activate platforms the player may walk through, though I would have liked to explore this mechanic more if I had more time.



Sadly I was rushed for time and only incorporated a handful of levels and mechanics. The electricity is introduced too suddenly and the last puzzle is likely too big a step up, though I do think it's quite fun. I've had little chance to test for unintended solutions or to see how fun it is to actually solve the puzzles.

Also had to leave a few visual quirks, such as electrified trails remaining that colour until the player undoes their moves over them.

Upon waking up the following morning, I have also realised that the middle puzzles have unintended solutions that are much simpler than the solution I anticipated. Whoops!

Edit: And a friend just showed me a much simpler solution for the last level too!


Cross was made by Juner using Pico-8.

More information

Published 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Tagsdual, floor, maze, path, trail

Install instructions

The game is playable in the browser. It can be downloaded and played in the Pico-8 fantasy console..


cross_jam.p8 (57 kB)
Download (336 kB)


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Oh God! what an incredible little game, I'm in love with it. when I first saw it, my mind exploded, my reaction was "that was clever".
It is simple but very effective. Even if I'm suspect because I love puzzles and that's a really good one, nice level design!